Self Healing: What is it and Why is it Important to Us?

self healing

Indoscholars - In general, we are social beings where our lives will not be able to run alone and apart from others. We certainly need the role of others when living every phase of life. For this reason, it is important for us to understand ourselves and also good communication techniques between others. Thus, every interaction that is built can bring benefits, not trigger the new problems.

Even though we do the best efforts, sometimes conflicts still occur. Conflict also often has a negative effect for the mental, such as the feelings of anxiety, worry, doubt, and even lack of confidence. These feeling are not good if allowed to linger in us. We have a responsibility to take care of physical and mental health.

The way to restore positive emotions is with the self-healing method. Self-healing is a method that has a big impact on both mental and physical. The key of self-healing is understanding your own self and communicating with your own self.


A. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is an attempt to release all of negative energy on yourself, such as: anger, resentment and hurt feelings that are felt due to interactions with others. This self-healing method aims to change negative emotions into positive emotions such as empathy, sympathy and doing good deeds.

The benefits of forgiving ourselves, others and the environment can lead us to prosperous life, especially for the soul. In addition, by forgiving, our personality will become better, as well as self-confidence.

To be able to forgive everything we need to calm down for a moment and enjoy all the goodness that God has given us. Some experts call this step the ‘Loving-Kindness Meditation’. We need to feel negative emotions, let them flow, then throw them away.

B. Gratitude

The concept of gratitude is the way we accept what is happened upon us using a positive perspective. Even what our good intentions and good actions are the way of implement gratitude. By grateful, we can use what we have right now for more beneficial things. The growth of positive attitude will automatically repair all negative thoughts.

C. Self Compassion

Self-compassion is a self-love and realize own inability in order to create connections with others. Realize about our hardships and failures, will be able to lead empathy for others who have not been lucky and encourage us to help.

Self-compassion will give kindness not only to yourself but also to others. So not only self-healing is obtained, but also a good relationship. The concrete way to do self-compassion is to start by loving your own self. When you are able to love yourself, the next step is to share that love with those around you.

D. Mindfulness

Mindfulness can also be interpreted as increased awareness about conditions and experiences and acceptance of those experiences. Whatever our circumstances, whether in a ease or in a hardship, we must maintain awareness. How many people are traumatized but can be healed by restoring full awareness to think rationally.

Mindfulness brings good impact for us. There are at least three real benefits that we can get. First, we become easier to know ourselves and our potential. Second, we are able to live happier because we are able to see everything with positive vibes. Third, reduced stress levels because our conscious mind leads to gratitude.

E. Positive Self Talk

The purpose of positive self-talk is talking to own self for increasing the good mood. Besides helping to create a positive mood, positive self talk also leads us to self-evaluation. So, we need to change irrational thoughts into rational thoughts by having a positive dialogue with ourselves. Every word that we address to ourselves will stimulate us to do productive activities.

F. Expressive Writing

Writing therapy is a self-healing that involves cognitive intelligence where this activity is able to overcome depression, anxiety or stress problems. Writing with heart will reflect feelings so it can turn to a fun activity. This method will be more useful when we can build a comfortable atmosphere for writing. In addition, the level of tension and anxiety will decrease. Even in the long term, this activity can help nourish the body and reduce the risk of mental illnesses.

G. Relaxation

Relaxation is a simple therapy where this is give yourself the opportunity to close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing, so that a comfortable and calm can be created. The simple movements starts from head to toe, systematically.

Relaxation for self-healing can direct positive thinking and behavior patterns. There are many kinds of relaxation, such as: Benson Relaxation and Progressive Muscle Progressive (PMP) Relaxation, both of which have physical and mental benefits. Physically, relaxation can help to relieve pain, insomnia, hypertension and can stretch muscles. As for mentally, relaxation will be useful to reduce anxiety and stress levels.

H. Self Management

Not many people know that self-management is part of self-healing. Self-management is an effort to achieve mastery of skills, knowledge and the most appropriate attitude determination for oneself in living life. Self management is our effort to achieve our goals by actualizing ourselves.

Some of the benefits that can be obtained when we are able to manage ourselves below.

a) Self-monitoring is an improvement of awareness to monitor ourselves in every problem. When we try to manage ourselves, it is easier for us to control our lifestyle. So we can learn by doing.

b) Self analysis is a process where we are able to read something wrong, and we can find our own way to change it. Self-management will help us to analyze ourselves so that our steps to change become clearer and easier.

c) Self-change is benefit of self-management where it is influence ourselves for making changes in order to achieve targets.

d) Self-maintenance is a safeguard in order to ourselves does not back to the bad condition. We will be directed to make discipline as a part of our lives.

Self-management needs more attention, because in its implementation we need to understand several things below.

First, we need to understand what our goal is. When our goals are real, then we will be able to design goal setting. This is important for increasing self-awareness about the dreams and goals, that we can achieve both in the short and long term.

Second, we need to analyze ourselves. When we read ourselves, we will know what are the strenghts, weaknesses, opportunities and threats around us.

Third, self-critical. After we analyze ourselves, we need to focus for finding solutions for our weaknesses and threats.

Fourth, make a grand design for the future. This step will make us easier in achieving life goals, because our life journey has been well planned.

I. Imagery

This method is a relaxation that describing pleasant places and events in the mind. This way will bring our days to positive prejudice. Positive prejudice will encourage us to take positive actions. The greatest benefit is that our mind is prevented from negative thinking.

From the nine kinds of self-healing above, we realize that to heal our souls who are injured, disorganized, chaotic, and so on is to return to ourselves. We have to keep trying.


Rahmasari, Diana. Self Healing is Knowing Your Own Self. Unesa University Press.

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