Manage Our Waste for Better Life

Indoscholars - Nowadays, environmental issue is one common thing which is spoken by all parties. One topic which receives attention from people is recycled waste. They argue that government should take part to increase recycling by making a legal requirement. Some believe that this suggestion will be beneficial to make people recycle more of their waste.

Designing one policy which focusses on environmental is urgent to be implemented, immediately. Especially about 3Rs; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – there are several things which have to become familiarized to for people.

What is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle?


Reduce means declining the amount of waste. This step is the first step which we have to do before reuse and recycle. The most important item that we have to decrease is plastic. Using items that are difficult to decompose is a bad thing. Not only item like plastic, but also reduce our consumption of electric.


Reusing is the activity to select several old items to use it again in different usage. Many materials can be reused again around of us. On the other hand, you can reuse your old thing by other people. The way is you can be donated to community who needed.


Recycle is the last step of 3Rs concept. This step is most often done because there are many waste in everywhere (water, land and air). Not only more flexibility, products which were recycled also has economic value and more beneficial.

For some countries which have not yet had the awareness about waste impact in life, law is one most effective solution to be implemented. Award and punishment will make people easier to follow all of the regulations. Legal requirement which is designed by stakeholder is a correct solution to increase the number of people who are willing recycle for their household waste.

Policy has to be complemented with award and punishment. Government can also make regulation to campaign 3Rs in public spaces and invite all of communities to attend the campaign. Colaborating with some companies to recycle the waste is also a good thing, such as avoiding the used of plastic bag.

Implementation of the law will be the best solution as long as it makes sense and can be implemented by all people. Recycle can become popular thing in community if stakeholders make the right policy and give some consequences for everyone who are not following the policy.

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